7 Immigration Visa Types Described To Help You

You know already that the combination of laws, rules, and regulations is called Immigration law. One who wants to come to a country has to obey these laws. If you want to go on a foreign trip for traveling of want to work there or want a residential or anything else you have to obey the rule of the government to do so.

For immigration to any of the countries in the world, there are actually so many visa types such as non-immigrant visas, family visas, a permanent habitat with a green card and so on.

I will not waste your time but for starting information on immigration visa types, I will give you a brief description. Let’s see:

7 Immigration Visa Types Described To Help You

1. First of all, there are Non-immigrant Visas.

2. Immigrant Visas for Becoming A Citizen.

3. There are sponsor Requirements for family-based immigration visas.

4. Permanent Habitat with A Green Card.

5. Green Cards for Family Members Of The Citizens

6. Applying for Green Card Through Employment.

07. Again, there are other types of green card eligibility.

When Do You Need an Immigration Lawyer

Additional Information:

If you want to work in a foreign country then you will require a work visa, if you want to live there permanently then you will require green card or if you are living in the country and now you want other family members or rest of any family member to live with you then you will require a family base visa, you can also apply for green card through employment.

But if you are going on to a country suppose you are going to the United States as a tourist and you will come back in 90 days for sure then you won’t require any kind of visa and just will require to complete some processes.

The process of getting a visa whatever category you require you will have to go through the entire process with the obedience of the government rules and regulations.

However, if you find your immigration forms and processes not easy to understand, I would recommend you to go to an immigration lawyer as they are aware of this kind of cases as well as how to deal with these and also, they have computer program to do your immigration form fill up as this will save your time and you can easily avoid doing any mistakes.

However, if you are confused with the immigration forms and process or whatever, you should go to an immigration lawyer as they are best on these types of cases. They know how to deal with this as they already have met and solved similar types of issues so many times. Going to an immigration lawyer is very good because a simple or silly mistake on an immigration form or in other places can cause your case harm badly such as delays, refusals and even can cause you a waste of money and time.

Hope this will help you at least. But if you find the application process critical, make sure you contact a lawyer, because one wrong step or information can cause delays of years.  

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