Everything About Irish Immigration Law: Part I I

The Most Popular Cities Of Ireland By Population

The first and most popular city by population is Dublin around (1 110 627 people) live here and it’s also the capital of Ireland. Cork is the second biggest city and 198 582 people live there. Cork is about 5.5 times smaller than Dublin. Irelan immigration has an amazing history you will know about it later.

And, in every 5 years, the population of Dublin increases by 6%. For the year 2012, there were 2 immigrants for every 1000 population in Ireland according to immigration statistics.

When Do You Need an Immigration Lawyer

Migration (In & Out) of Schengen Area

 The Republic of Ireland does not belong to be a member state of the area of Schengen. Who the people inter in Ireland find strict to come here as third country people but the people who are a member of Schengen states don’t find strict to come in Ireland from Schengen states.

The Irish Naturalization and Immigration Service has a statement about entering Ireland: Non-EEA nationals need to report to an immigration officer to seek to leave to enter the state at an Irish port of entry. For entering Ireland for presentation to the immigration officer to obtain entry, the onus is on the individual to have all the required documentation related to their reasons for entering Ireland.

A maximum period of three months, the immigration officer may permit to leave to enter Ireland. They may grant a lesser period than three months depending on the presented documentation.

Why Do You Need an Immigration Lawyer

Permit For Residency

You will find the legislation of Irish very flexible when it comes to residence permits and provision of visas for immigrants. You will find so many forms of residence rights that will permit you to live in Ireland even if you are not a citizen of Switzerland or the European Economic area.

 Usually, permission to remain in Ireland is called a residence permit in Ireland. Department of Justice and Equality grants permission to remain in Ireland and they consist of a special stamp which will endorse on the passport.

This stamp is usually called as a residence stamp. You will find so many opportunities to get business permission, an employment permit, or permission to residence for study and many more. You will find 2 types of investment programs there such as a start-up entrepreneur program and an immigrant investor program.

To Know About The History

In the last few decades, one of the biggest waves to Ireland took place if we look back to the history of immigration to Ireland. After Ireland become a part of the European Union, a large number of citizens from Eastern European countries immigrated to Ireland. In the year 2006, alone in Dublin about 18000 polish immigrants living according to data from 2006.

However, Ireland stays on an island and that’s why people can not come here and stay because they find it very difficult to come here in an illegal way. And that’s the reason why Ireland does not have many records on these immigrants related issues.

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