Everything About Irish Immigration Law: Part I

Permission to travel, work and reside in Ireland

Ireland is a non-continental European country, located on an island, has a unique northern culture. Its culture and traditions have been well preserved by its people and have a very rich history as well. Since medieval times, Ireland was the center of many armed conflicts.

For immigration to Ireland, the main laws are the Aliens Act 1935 and the Immigration Act 2004.

The current population of Ireland can be estimated by using the statistics at around 6.3 million. In Ireland, Irish, Ulster-Scots and Anglo-Irish are the dominant ethnic groups of Ireland. Irish and English are the official languages here.

Ireland is not a part of the Schengen area but from 1973, it has been a member state of the European Union. Along with the UK, Ireland is a member of the “Common Travel Area” which is similar to Schengen. Ireland and the UK are the only members of here. Here, the Euro (EUR) is the official currency by the way.

How to Immigrate to Ireland

Services of Immigration in Ireland

 Nowadays, in the Republic of Ireland, immigration services are pretty well developed. The Irish Naturalization and Immigration Service regimes or governance the immigration policies and everything related to immigration and all that. For a variety of reasons, INIS offers residence permits.

Service Providers – Legal Help Related To Immigration

Before you make any decisions or legal commitments, you should go for a consultation with the local solicitors. Because you should know that it has a legal system named Anglo – Saxon. Anglo – Saxon law differs from the European continental legal system as well as Germanic law.

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Immigration Lawfully To Ireland

Immigrants have to abide by the rules and regulations provided by the Republic of Ireland in order to immigration to Ireland lawfully. Depending on the purpose of your visit, there are various types of possibilities. In order to reside or visit in Ireland, you will require a visa, work permit or residence permit and many more. And this might be a good option if you want or plan to immigrate for a reason for work or study in Europe.

Immigration Law For Ireland

For immigrants from non-EU states, the main immigration law in the Republic of Ireland is the Aliens Act 1935 and Immigration Act 2004. For non-EU citizens, the procedure for immigration needs extra checks and inspections as Ireland does not participate in the Schengen area.

Statistics For Immigration

Since 2003 Ireland, immigration statistics have been very dynamic. Illegal immigrants find it very to reach in Ireland because Ireland is located on an island.  Overstaying a valid visa is the most commonly used tactic. Nowadays, residing in Ireland, most of the immigrants are from other European Union countries. Most of the immigrants are from Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland.

The economy of the Irish had proved itself to be very flexible. A large amount of employment for immigrants had provided by Ireland by the last decade. Ireland hosted an estimated 80-100 thousand immigrants during the period of 2006-2008.

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