When Do You Need an Immigration Lawyer?

There are so many situations in which you will need help or consultation with an immigration lawyer that will help you out from getting off frustration and save your time in such a difficult situation as well. You don’t need the help of an immigration lawyer every time when you are applying for an immigration visa or green card specially in the United States. You can go for your immigration visa or green card without a lawyer if you don’t have negative run-ins or don’t have any criminal records, and if you are clearly eligible for the benefit you seek and have a straight forward case. However, a lawyer cannot attend consular interviews with you if you are overseas, although the lawyers have permission to prepare your paperwork and also, with the consulates, the lawyers have follow-up communications.

Well, there are abundant types of situations when a person will need the help of an immigration lawyer. The worst thing is, immigration law is notoriously complicated. Let’s see some of the situations that you may face or people are facing regularly.

When Do You Need an Immigration Lawyer

If You Are Confused with The Options

Suppose you are an employer or a skilled worker hoping to hire one. A worker or an employer easily could be qualified for types of green cards or visas, the problem is, it’s very complicated to choose which would be best or fastest. Here an immigration lawyer will play on your team. He will help the worker and employer decide which visa will suit the worker’s needs and the employer’s qualifications.

The same problems can come up in citizenship visas, family-based visa or other kinds of visa circumstances. But which visa procedure is more advantageous or faster that depends on the current government processing times.

You can also know about the Immigration Lawyer Career Duties and Education here.

If You Are Confused with The Options

When You Want to Hire Foreign-Born Workers

Suppose you are thinking to sponsor a worker for a green card and that you need to complete the labor certification (PERM) process. As a business owner, you will plan to do advertisements for the job. But, the process for the advertisement is complicated as you can see, there only certain kinds of advertisements are acceptable, there must be certain language and many time frames as well as the deadline involved. You can easily get it wrong.

Also, the PERM application is complex. The employers find difficulties and get confused about how to complete the required ETA Form 9089. At Employer Recruitment Responsibilities Under PERM, you can learn in detail about the PERM process easily. By completing the ETA form 9089, you are leaving no chance to make any mistake even the smallest mistakes.

A large number of immigration lawyers specialize in the ins and outs of the ETA form 9089, and they can help the workers with the PERM process and with the other kinds of work-visa or anything else.

Well, these are some of the reasons why you should or need to consult with an immigration lawyer. And if you want to know the other reasons for when do you need an immigration lawyer then go through the next article. Hope you will like it and find the article beneficial.

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